About Limited Release Data Products

A limited release version of the B2B Customers Data Product is now available. You can use this data product in place of the previous B2B Customers, B2B Customers with Firmographics, and the Legal Entities data product templates.

If you are interested in using this data product while it is in limited release, or migrating an existing data product to the new configuration experience, please contact Tamr at [email protected].

Improved Configuration Experience

The new data product versions provide a streamlined configuration experience that removes the complexity of the step configuration in the earlier data product versions while providing additional configuration options. Behind the scenes, these data products continue to apply data quality services and a trained clustering model.

In the new Configure Data Product page, you can:

  • Configure the data product in a simplified page instead of through individual steps.
  • Preview source datasets from the configuration page, to assist you in schema mapping decisions.
  • Easily add attributes to the unified schema, which automatically appear in the final data product output.
  • Configure record consolidation rules either using Tamr’s recommended values or a set of no-code configurable options.
  • Configure clustering rules to refine your data product clusters without writing transformations.
  • In the B2B Customers data product, easily change the external enrichment provider if needed, and even select multiple providers.
The Configure Flow steps (left) have been replaced with a simplified Configure Data Product page (right)

The Configure Flow steps (left) have been replaced with a simplified Configure Data Product page (right)

New Publishing Features

When you configure publishing for limited release data products, you can now:

  • Reorder the attributes included in the published dataset.
  • Specify the name of the attribute as it will appear in the published dataset.
Publish page for limited release data products

Publish page for limited release data products

Important Notes for Limited Release Data Products

User Permissions

All Tamr Cloud users have full access to data products in limited release, regardless of role.

Curation Tools

Current limitations for curating data in limited release data products:

  • You are not able to create a new entity from a clustered source record; merging clusters, moving records between existing clusters, and overriding attribute values work as expected.
  • You cannot bookmark customers from the customers table. Instead, bookmark customers from the customer details page.
  • The following attributes are not populated in the customer table: Source Records, Datasets, and Similar Entities.
  • The Export Sample option below customers and source records tables is disabled.
  • Icons for pending and applied changes are not shown in the customers and source records tables.
  • In the customer details page, only the primary attributes are shown.

Publishing Datasets

Currently during limited release:

  • You can select only one dataset when specifying a publish configuration. If you need to publish several datasets to the same location, you must specify a separate publish configuration for each dataset.
  • You cannot download published datasets.


Currently during limited release:

  • Jobs for limited release data products do not show on the Jobs page.
  • Scheduled jobs do not yet work with limited release data products.